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Soquel High School (SHS) was established in 1962 to serve the outlying areas of the Santa Cruz City Schools District (SCCS). Soquel High School, one of seven public high schools in Santa Cruz County, is the largest of the three comprehensive high schools in the SCCS district, with a student population of close to 1,200.

Soquel High School is located in the Village of Soquel, an unincorporated residential community of Santa Cruz County. We serve students who live in the residential communities of Live Oak, Capitola, Soquel, and other surrounding areas. Parents in these communities are active participants in their students’ education, and are extremely supportive in giving their financial support and volunteer time.

Situated near the center of the county, the 40-acre campus provides a beautiful setting overlooking the Monterey Bay. SHS annually sends 95% of its surveyed seniors to college. The Advanced Placement program has included courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, English, Spanish, U.S. History, European History and Calculus. The extensive Regional Occupations Program (ROP) includes courses in Horticulture, Floristry, Veterinary Science, Sports Occupations, Administration of Justice, Cabinetry, Marketing, and Computer Graphics.

The wide range of offererings in the Arts at SHS includes instrumental and vocal music, ceramics, drama, painting, and photography. The renowned SHS Humanities Academy provides a rigorous program for academically motivated students in English and Social Studies, while the Green Manufacturing, Engineering, & Construction (GMEC) Academy honors and encourages hands-on learning, academic achievement, professional integrity, and relevant vocational skills. SHS also provides many co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for students in sports, music, student government, and a variety of school clubs. Nearby Cabrillo College offers a high-quality, affordable program and flexible concurrent enrollment for SHS students.