Fall Sports

logoFall Sports begin practice during August
Games and Matches start in late August, ending in late October
Most sports have championships the first part
of November

You must have had a physical within one year in order to practice or play with a team. Go to the Athletics page for more information

Fall Start
Coach Email Address
Aug 8 - 4:00
Matt Ryan
Aug 2 - 5:00
Brad Tompkins btframing@sbcglobal.net  
Aug 15 - 3:00
Betsy Mauschardt  emauschardt@hotmail.com
Aug 5 - 5:00
Jeanine Haldi   jeanine.haldi@sjsu.edu
Aug 8 - 8:00  Trevor Wiens  trevwiens@hotmail.com
Aug 15 - TBA
Ryan Chapatte