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Please contact the coaches or AD below for further information. 

Athletic Director: Stu Walters 429-3950

All paperwork must be completed before players can participate. Go to this link for new information on how to complete the athletic Participation Package.

2017 Lacrosse Schedule
March 13 vs Christopher @ Santa Cruz-3:00
March 22 vs Scotts Valley @ Aptos-3:00
March 29 vs Harbor @ Christopher-5:00
April 10 vs Santa Cruz @ Santa Cruz-7:00
April 13 vs Christopher @ Soquel-7:00
April 17 vs Aptos @ Christopher-5:00
April 19 vs Scotts Valley @ Aptos-3:00
April 26 vs Harbor @ Santa Cruz-3:00
May 1 vs Santa Cruz @ Christopher-3:00
May 3 vs Aptos @ Christopher-5:00


Varsity Coach:Darryl Williams