To contact a member of the faculty please dial 429-3909 and then the extension listed next to their name when prompted.

The phones do not ring in the classrooms during school hours, but you will able to leave a message on the faculty members voice mail.

Name Department Email Ext.
Gail Alaimo Science galaimo@sccs.net x211
Erin Asamoto English easamoto@sccs.net x116
Robin Aston Mathematics raston@sccs.net x318
Laura Beach Science lbeach@sccs.net x212
Thomas Bentley
tbentley@sccs.net x223
Ryan Bosson World Language rbosson@sccs.net x222
Madeline Britton Librarian mbritton@sccs.net x110
Matthew Bruner Social Studies mbruner@sccs.net x324
Natasha Castro English/Theater Arts ncastro@sccs.net x205
Layla Dawson English/Activities Dir ldawson@sccs.net x220
Michael Emery Visual Arts/Ceramics memery@sccs.net x316
Colette Enemark (WThF)
Special Education cenemark@sccs.net x207
Brian Hatcher
ROP Dept of Justice
Margaret Fahl Health Education mfahl@sccs.net x173
Marissa Ferejohn-Swett Social Studies mferejohn@sccs.net x122 or 566-8202
Malcom Fliesler
Special Education
Conan Gasparotti Social Studies cgasparotti@sccs.net x202 or 212-3618
Lynn Glick Special Education-Adaptive PE lynglick@sccs.net 818-5426
Brian Hatcher  Criminal Justice
Steve Hess
Bicycle Technology
Laurie Hilderbrand Metal Shop lhilderbrand@sccs.net x156
Matthew Hill
Science mhill@sccs.net x219
Jessica Hoffschneider
Special Education
Casey Jacobson
Mathematics cjacobson@sccs.net  
Roxana Jimenez World Language rjimenez@sccs.net x216
Sheela Johnson-Westlie English sjohnson-westlie@sccs.net x112
David Kline English/Mock Trial dkline@sccs.net x118
Jody Kropholler English/GMEC jkropholler@sccs.net x114
Barney Levy Social Studies blevy@sccs.net x326
Marco Lucadano Graphic Design/Digital Photography mlucadano@sccs.net x213 or 252-1478
Judy Maitland-Locke  PE - Girls Gym/Yearbook jlocke@sccs.net
Janice Manion ROP Counselor jmanion@sccs.net x176
Patrick Marks
Special Education/SDC
Spencer Marshak Social Studies smarshak@sccs.net x325
Stephen McDowell Mathematics smcdowell@sccs.net x323
Robyn Miranda English rmiranda@sccs.net x105
Solange Nascimento World Languages snascimento @sccs.net x218
Lilith Ohlson-Perez Visual Arts lohlson-perez@sccs.net x315
Sarah Rominger Mathematics srominger@sccs.net x321
Leif "Hal" Rovick Industrial Arts Woodshop/GMEC lrovick@sccs.net x153
Cindy Ruhsam Mathematics cruhsam@sccs.net x322
Matthew Schilz
Mathematics mschilz@sccs.net  
Jessica Scolaro Science jscolaro@sccs.net x215
Dan Siddens Science dsiddens@sccs.net x206
Alyssa Snyder Special Education asnyder@sccs.net x204
Jim Stewart Performing Arts/Instruments jstewart@sccs.net x141
Marion Stevens ROP Floral Design/Yearbook mstevens@sccs.net x161
Justin Swett
Mathematics jswett@sccs.net  
Randi Taylor-Habib
English Language Arts
Zina Urquhart Performing Arts/Vocals zurquhart@sccs.net x142
Miguel "Angel" Valladolid Social Studies mvalladolid@sccs.net x327, 212-3618
Paige Vasek Special Education pvasek@sccs.net  
Stu Walters PE/Athletic Director swalters@sccs.net x115,x174 or 429-3950
Carina Wandel
Mathematics cwandel@sccs.net  
Elle Wiley Mathematics ewiley@sccs.net x317
Diana Wilson
School Psychologist
John Wilson PE jwilson@sccs.net x172
Briana Wiles PE, AVID bwiles@sccs.net x103
Lara Yurman English lyurman@sccs.net x120


PE - Girls Gym/Yearbook
PE - Girls Gym/Yearbook
PE - Girls Gym/Yearbook
PE - Girls Gym/Yearbook
PE - Girls Gym/Yearbook
PE - Girls Gym/Yearbook