Heritage Festival 2019

Soquel Music Takes The Prize!
Posted on 04/28/2019
Heritage Festival
A huge shout out to Jim Stewart, Zina Urquhart and our talented Soquel High bands and singers for CRUSHING IT at the WorldStrides Heritage Festival in Anaheim this weekend. And the awards went to…

Soquel High - Sweepstakes Award

Ensemble Awards:
Varsity Concert Band - 1st Place Gold
Jazz Band A - 1st Place Gold
Jazz Band B - 2nd Place Silver
Concert Choir - 1st Place Gold
Jazz Singers A - 1st Place Gold

Maestro Awards: June Cavlan, Autumn Fowler, Joe Gagliani, Isaac Morgan, Marcelino Plaza
Adjudicators Awards: Varsity Band, Jazz Band A, Jazz Singers A
Outstanding Choral Award: Jazz Singers A

Jazz Band A

Jazz Band B

Varsity Band

Concert Choir

Jazz Singers

Maestro Award Winners