Career Technical Information

Career Technical Education (CTE) is part of California’s response to the challenges that the state’s high school students will have to meet in the 21st century—whether they go on from high school to attend college or pursue other post-secondary education, enter directly into careers, or some combination of college, training and career. CTE initiatives are part of a statewide approach to transforming high schools and to making sure that high school graduates are prepared for college, careers, or both.  Since it is designed to provide students with many options for achieving career and post-secondary education goals, this approach is sometimes called “Multiple Pathways” or “Linked Learning,” because it combines academic rigor with the types of skills that employers are looking for in the workforce—skills like being able to communicate clearly, work in teams, and solve problems using creativity and innovation. We offer many programs of study:

Dental Hygiene
Public Safety
Radiology Tech