Daily Bulletin

Summer Bulletin - 6/14/16
We wish much success to our Graduates in their future endeavors and we will see everyone else back here in the Fall.  Have a very safe and restful summer!

EARLY Summer:

Senior Panoramics - Can be picked up from Larry’s Photography on Mission St. (near Bay Avenue) in Santa Cruz (call 423-2815 for hours).  

Yearbooks - These may be picked up after our return in the Fall.

LATE Summer:

Schedule pickup and ID picture day will be Monday, August 15, 2016 in the MU from 8a-1:15p...Freshmen: 8-9:30a, Sophomores: 9:30-11a, Juniors: 11a-12:15p, and Seniors:  12:15-1:15p.  Pictures MUST be taken by everyone - INCLUDING Seniors (Covello & Covello’s Senior Portrait taking does NOT generate a SHS ID card) and this will generate your IDs - AND all enrollment paperwork MUST be completed (and SIGNED) and turned in on same day BEFORE receiving schedules.

Freshman/New-Student Orientation; Summer Packet - There will be news of the Orientation (Tuesday, August 23) in the Summer Packet that can be picked up beginning Monday, August 1st in the Counseling Office.

First day of classes will be a ‘C Day’ Wednesday, August 24, 2016.

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