AVID Program


Need Help getting to college???



Soquel High School's AVID

Elective is for YOU!!!

The goal of the AVID program is to provide academic instruction and suport to students 
and to help them prepare for eligibility into four-year colleges and universities.


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The AVID Student "Profile  
*Students should have the Potential and desire    to attend a four-year college.
*They are willing to commit themselves to two hours of homework a night
* They must have apropriate classroom behavior.
*Students must have good work habits.
Its a great day to be a *Entry eligibility GPA between 2.5 and 3.5 *They have regular attendance.
Knight! *They have average to above average test scores. *Upon graduation, they are wiling to enroll in rigorous college courses.
  Additionally, AVID students nationwide fit into ONE or more of these criteria:
  1. First person in family to go to a four-year university  OR
  2. Member of an underserved group at universities  OR
  3. Low socio-economic status  OR
  4. Special circumstances  
For more information, contact Ms. Banks in the SHS Counseling Office: