Digital Media


Course Descriptions


Grade Duration Credits Repeat Status
10-12 Year 5/5 No

Fulfills Requirements: Applied or Fine Arts for SHS; for UC/CSU, f
Prerequisite: None
Course Description: Computer Graphics is a course that explores the drawing techniques and tools used in computer art and graphics. Emphasis is placed on the practical aspects of commercial art and how this art is used in design and illustration, photography, multimedia presentation, and desktop publishing. A systematic and structured approach is used to complete a wide range of projects. The career opportunities in computer graphics and video effects are explored. This course is for those interested in the applications of art and careers in the art field, as well as those interested in the creative and artistic aspects of computers.


Grade Duration Credits Repeat Status
9 Semester 5 No

Fulfills Requirements: Applied Arts for SHS
Prerequisite: None
Course Description: During the first six-weeks, students will be introduced to the touch-type system on the computer keyboard. During the remainder of the semester, students will become familiar with Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and Internet research. This course is a beginning level class. There is a challenge test available to test out of this requirement. See your counselor for details.