Attendance Line:  429-3909 x49131                                                                                                                                                                         
  • If you know you are going to be absent in advance, students should speak with each teacher individually about make-up work before missing school as early as possible.
  • If you are out ill for three or more days, you are encouraged to request homework from teachers by e-mailing the teacher directly.  Parents / students who do not have internet access may contact the Attendance Office at 429-3909 x49131 to request that homework be collected from teachers for a parent/guardian to pick-up the following day.
  • Students do not have the right to make up work, tests or quizzes missed due to unexcused absences/tardies.
  • Upon returning to school after being absent, a student is required to meet with each teacher outside of class within 2 school days of his/her return.  Each teacher will provide the student with the work missed and will set a reasonable schedule for the work to be completed.  Generally students have the number of days they have missed to make-up the assignments, tests, etc.  Students may be required to turn in long-term projects even if absent on the assigned date.  Students should also be prepared to take tests/quizzes they were informed about prior to their absence on the DAY OF THEIR RETURN.
  • Any student who has a medical condition which does not permit the student to attend school for an extended period of time may  apply for Home and Hospital through the District Office - Department of Special Education. Students and parents should contact their student's counselor to find out more information.
Did You Know You Can Check Your Student's Attendance On-line Every Day?
Parents are welcome to call the Attendance Office at  429-3909 x49131 to check on their student’s attendance. You may also view it online through the  INFINITE CAMPUS LINK.   

Good attendance is essential for academic success.  California state law (CA Code 48200) also mandates compulsory education.  This means that all parents/guardians are required to ensure their students attend on a regular basis, and report all excused absences to the school in a timely manner.  Please keep in mind the following:
  • A parent/guardian must notify the Soquel High School Attendance Office by 10:30 am the day following the absence. It is preferred that an absence is excused the day of the absence.
  • A maximum of 3 school days is allowed to clear an absence. After 3 days, administrative approval is required.
  • The Attendance Office phone number is 429-3909 x49131. A parent/guardian may leave a message on our voice mail 24 hours a day, or speak to an Attendance Tech between the hours of 7:30 am -3: 30 pm.
  • Students with excused absences may make up missed assignments.
  • Student absences may be excused for the following reasons: illness, medical appointments, court appearances, funerals, and religious observances.  Absences for vacations will not be considered excused and are therefore, subject to truancy laws.
  • Parents are allowed to excuse their students for personal reasons up to three times per year.
  • If a student needs to leave school for a medical appointment or other reason, he/she must go to the Attendance Office for a pass before leaving.  Parent/ guardian approval is required.
  • If you need to leave in the middle of a class period, it is important you bring a pass with you from the Attendance Office to release you.  You will still need to check-out through the Attendance Office before leaving.
  • If a student leaves school without a pass, the absence is unexcused and considered a truant  and CANNOT BE EXCUSED later even by a parent.
  • Students are not to leave campus during the morning break (SGI).
  • Students may leave campus at lunch, but must be back in time for their next class.
  • If a student does not return for A-3/B-3 period for any reason, he/she must have permission prior to leaving campus or the absence is unexcused.
  • Our computerized dialer will call home nightly each time a student is marked absent from any class if the parent has not already excused the absence.
  • Letters of notification will be mailed home to students with an excessive number of unexcused and/or excused absences from school.
  • Students who are truant will be assigned detention (2 hours per class missed) and/or Saturday School.
  • Continued truancy will result in a referral to the Student Attendance Review Board (SARB), which may result in a transfer to an alternative school.

Students not in their assigned seats when the final bell rings are tardy.  Students do not have the right to make-up missed quizzes or work due to unexcused tardies.

Students who have an EXCUSED tardy should report to the Attendance Office BEFORE going to class.  If the tardy is excused, the student will be given a pass to bring to the teacher.

The only tardies that will be excused are those due to medical appointments or illness.  Students who arrive late due to transportation problems or because the parent was late in dropping the student off will not be excused.  

Below are the consequences for unexcused tardies:

Total of 10 tardies (in any combination of classes - NOT per class)
  • Example:  two tardies in five different classes
  • Referral, call home and entered in Infinite Campus.   
Total of 20 tardies (in any combination of classes)
  • Conference with the Assistant Principal of Discipline
  • Saturday School (8am – 12pm)
21st tardy or more:  
  • Parent conference and student contract with Assistant Principal of Discipline
  • Community service
  • Social probation (ie. 1-2 week dismissal from sports, clubs, dances, prom, etc.)
  • Referral to the Student Attendance Review Board for continued tardiness.