Confidential Tip Form
Students and parents can submit a form anonymously to report an incident or concern.  The form goes directly to Administration for review.  English  Spanish

Soquel Fight Song
Be sure you know all the words to the school fight song and be ready to sing it!

Student Bulletin Form
This form is used to write up information for morning announcements and put into the Daily Bulletin. Please sure that it is signed by a teacher, coach or advisor  - Form must be submitted by 1:00 p.m. the day before the activity. The notice is to appear on no more than THREE times in one week.

ASB Sticker Purchase Form
This form has been replaced with a PayPal link, found on the Back to School page.  Contact the Finance Office for processing. An ASB Sticker goes on the ID card of the student allowing the student to receive a discount on many fees at events on campus. (Example: "Event price is $7, or $5 with ASB sticker")

Request to Continue Club
This form is filled out and then given to the Assistant Principle when a club was approved in a prior year and then the club wishes to continue in the next year. It must be filled out completely before turning it in, including the signature of the advisor. 

New Club Form
This form is filled out when a new club is being formed then turned into the Assistant Principal for approval. It needs to be signed by an advisor. 

Student ASB Activities Request
This form is to be used to request any club activity during the school year. The form should be submitted to the Leadership Advisor or the Assistant Principal of Discipline in the office when completed. 

*Note: Both form 6 and 7 must be submitted together for any ASB Student activity. These 2 forms must be completed by all required persons stated on the forms and turned into the front office no less than 2 full weeks before the event date - no exceptions.

Facilities Request Form
This form is used to request use of a room or other facility at Soquel High School. Currently, this form should be turned in the Principal's Administrative Assistant. It should be done at least one week in advance of the event. In addition, if you hold a regular meeting, it can be filled out so that you only have to do it once a year. Check with the Principal's Administrative Assistant for more information and help. You might also have to get the approval of the person who is in charge of the room, such as the library needs the approval of the Librarian.


Check Request Form
Use this form to request a check from Soquel High. This is a fillable form; you can type in the information and email it to the Treasurer at [email protected], then send in receipts, or print it out and drop it, and the receipts, in the Soquel High Fund box at school.

Deposit Form
Use this form to turn in documents related to a deposit made to the Soquel High Fund. This is not an actual deposit slip (you must go to the bank and fill out an official deposit slip), but the account number is found on this form.

School Calendar Submission
Use this form to have your event put on the master calendar. Fill out the form, then turn it in to the Principal's Administrate Assistant for processing.

Athletic Budget Form
Use this form to help create the budget for an athletic team. Once completed, it should be turned in to the Treasurer for the Soquel High Fund. The income side of the budget is just as important as the outflow portion.

Group Budget Form
Use this form to help create the budget for a group or club. The only difference between the Athletic Budget and the Group Budget is that the Athletic budget has some specific amounts that will be charged for the sports teams. Turn this document into the Treasurer for the Soquel High Fund at the beginning of the school year, every year. The income side of the budget is just as important as the outflow portion.

Teachers - Use this form to request a mini-grant but only when the Soquel High Fund is accepting them. A dollar limit may be set at that time, different than what is on the form. Please read the description carefully, you will also be directed where to send the form when it is completed.  The limit to the mini-grant will be given in the instructions.