Financial Aid/FAFSA

What is FAFSA - Free Application for Student Aid
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Below is a workshop that will assist you in filling out the forms required - this is a federal form, there also is a state form. The federal form can be done starting January 2nd and must be done before the state form.  The state form needs to be completed before March 2nd.The FAFSA form is usually filed in the beginning of the year your student will first attend college. Others students and parents (like juniors) may attend these workshops as well. They are generally free.
How to Complete the FAFSA
Get Assistance completing the FAFSA at a "Cash for College" Workshop in February at Soquel High (exact dates and times can be found on the Events Calendar). This workshop is for high school students and their parents in English and Spanish.  Please read the instructions below and bring everything listed. Feel free to contact Mrs. Banks with any questions at [email protected] or 831-429-3909 ext. 135


What to Bring: 

1. Student's Social Security Card & Driver's License/State ID, Birth Date

2. If possible, your FAFSA ON THE WEB WORKSHEET - available at

3. Parent/Guardian's finished or estimated income taxes for the current year (or bring a copy of the first page of last year's tax return, if estimating).  Some online tax systems have a FAFSA report; bring it if you can.

4. Student's finished or estimated income taxes for this year (if you have been working)

5. Student and Parents current year W2s.

6. Parent's Social Security Numbers & Birth Date, and statements of bank and investment accounts for all members of the household for the current year.

7. Record of untaxed income such as child support, housing allowance, workers comp or disability.

8. Student's Alien Registration Number (if you are not a citizen)

9. Student's & Parent's Personal Identification Number (PIN) if you have done a FAFSA before. Or go to to apply.



Para llenar la FAFSA, tenga los siguientes datos:

    • Su numero de Seguro Social y los de sus padres (si es considerado dependiente)
    • El numero de su licencia de conducir (si tiene licencia)
    • Su número de registro de extranjeros (si no es ciudadano de EE.UU.)
    • Su declaración de impuestos (incluyendo los W-2) correspondientes al año curriente, y las de su cónyuge o de sus padres (si corresponde).
    • Datos sobre los ingresos que no fueron gravados con impuestos, como por ejemplo, beneficios de capacidad, compensación recibida para hijos por separación o divorcio, compensación del seguro obrero, los beneficios de Seguro Social, asistencia social (p. ej., TANF) y beneficios para veteranos, tanto de usted como los de sus padres (si corresponde).
    • Información sobre los ahorros e inversiones, y sobre los activos relacionados con los negocios y fincas agrícolas, tanto de usted como los de sus padres (si corresponde).