High School Graduation Requirements

A-G Requirement (college eligibility requirements) are not required for high school graduation, but are highly recommended. Incoming students will be enrolled in a default A - G curriculum unless parents/guardians request their student not be enrolled in these courses. If you have any questions regarding these courses, please call the Counseling Department at 429-3909 ext. 49132 and ask to speak with your student's assigned counselor.

High School Graduation vs. College Entrance Requirements - Table

High School Graduation Requirements

English: 40 Credits

Fine & Applied Arts: 25 Credits

  • 10 credits must be fine arts
  • 5 credits must be applied arts
  • 10 credits may be from fine or applied arts and/or world language

9th Grade (health/fine or applied arts): 10 Credits

  • Earns 5 Health and 5 Applied or Fine Arts Credits

Mathematics: 20 Credits

  • Must include Algebra 1, or Alg 1A & 1B  - 10 credits each

Physical Education: 20 Credits

Science: 20 Credits

  • Life Science (LS) or Biology (LS) 10 credits
  • Physical Science (PS) or Chemistry (PS) or Physics (PS) 10 credits

Social Studies: 30 Credits

  • World Civilizations (10th grade) 10 credits
  • US History (11th grade) 10 credits
  • American Government (12th grade) 5 credits
  • Economics (12th grade) 5 credits