In an Elevator by Josh Fox

Original Workshop Performance by SHS's own Josh Fox

This original script features the actors in Advanced Theatre Arts. Interested in seeing a performing arts student's play? It's gripping, intriguing and captivating. This is a "workshop" performance and during the day, there is little props or scenery but the students give a great performance. 

In an anonymous hotel in America, the elevator has been broken longer than anyone can remember. This is unsatisfying to renowned Hollywood movie producer, Will Barkanham, who is temporarily staying there. Enter two bellhops in need of cash, a young woman with a script to sell, and two con-artists hiding out after a job gone wrong. Hilarity and heartbreak ensue.

The movie is on You Tube in 7 Parts - You can click on each part here or on Youtube click on "11 videos" for other parts 

   Click Here for Part 1

   Click Here for Part 2

   Click Here for Part 3

   Click Here for Part 4

   Click Here for Part 5

   Click Here for Part 6

   Click Here for Part 7