Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Effective Communicators
  2. Complex, Creative Thinkers and Problem Solvers
  3. Knowledgeable, Self-Directed Learners
  4. Responsible and Active Citizens

High School Students and Staff will be:

  • Effective Communicators Who:
    • Communicate and interpret information in a variety of ways: verbally, visually, artistically, and technologically
    • Actively listen and effectively speak, read, and write
  • Complex Creative Thinkers and Problem Solvers Who:
    • Identify, diagnose, and use appropriate complex reasoning processes such as comparison, classification, induction, deduction, analysis, investigation, experimentation, and invention
    • Access, select, and evaluate information from a variety of sources
    • Form conclusions based upon relevant data
    • Connect ideas across the curricular areas to accomplish meaningful tasks
    • Understand essential concepts, facts, and procedures taught in each course
  • Knowledgeable Self-Directed Learners Who:
    • Demonstrate initiative, self-advocacy, self-discipline, and self-evaluation
    • Discover, develop, and pursue individual passion
    • Create and use an education plan to move purposefully toward personal and career goals
    • Develop positive attitudes about the strategies that promote physical and mental health
    • Appreciate the relationships between personal accomplishments and a sense of self-esteem
    • Apply subject matter knowledge and skills
    • Apply knowledge and skills to every day experiences as well as real world situations
    • Make responsible choices
  • Responsible and Active Citizens Who:
    • Demonstrate knowledge of diverse cultures, languages, and genders that fosters tolerance for individual differences
    • Confront significant ideas and issues of the day
    • Understand the global interrelationships of political, environmental, and economic decisions and their effects on the individual
    • Use appropriate interpersonal skills when working within groups or systems
    • Engage in ethical decision-making and assume responsibility for their actions
    • Display skills to join the workforce and/or to attend college