To contact a member of the staff please dial 831-429-3909 and then the extension listed next to their name when prompted.

Greg O'Meara Admin Principal [email protected] Main 49123
Kelly Moker Admin Asst. to Principal [email protected] Main 49124
Jose Quevedo Admin Asst. Principal of Student Services [email protected] Main 49126
Lori Vienna Admin Asst. Prin. Sec. [email protected] Main 49129
Mohamed Bouchti Admin Asst. Principal of Counseling Services [email protected] Coun 49125
Val Goodwin Counseling  Counseling Secretary  [email protected]  Coun  49132 
Kathy Thompson Admin Finance Tech [email protected] Main 49127
Erin Gould Admin Health Clerk [email protected] Main 49139
Jenny Robles Attendance Attend. Tech [email protected] Main 49131
Sue Faix Counseling Counselor [email protected] Coun 49133
Bryan Anderson Counseling Counselor [email protected] Coun 49134
Branna Banks Counseling Counselor [email protected] Coun 49135
Ana Martinez Counseling Counselor [email protected] Coun 49144
Jennifer Smith Counseling Registrar [email protected] Coun 49136
Mireya Gaona Counseling Community Coordinator [email protected] Coun 49137
Jonathan Benko Counseling Soc. Emo. Couns. [email protected]    
Andy Munoz Custodial Sr. Custodian [email protected] MU Room 49147
Angela Gates Library Librarian [email protected] Library 49110
Gabi Williams Library Textbook Clerk [email protected] Textbook    Room 49108 
Kathryn Kuszmar Library Media Assistant [email protected] Library  49113
Stu Walters P.E. AD/Teacher [email protected] Gym 49507