Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus Student Information System

Students can get into Illuminate by doing the following:

  • Go to the portal login page at Infinite Campus and click the Google SSO link. 

General Information for Parents/Guardians
In order to create an account, legal guardians will need to use a personal activation key generated by Infinite Campus. Parents/guardians can get their personal activation key from the Soquel High front office.  

Using the Access Key to Create Usernames and Passwords
The access key is only needed the first time the user accesses the portal. After that, the access key will not work and the username that was used to create the account should be used as the username to log into the portal.  

Go to the portal page at IC Parent Portal and click New User.  You may also download the Infinite Campus app from the app store.

  • Enter first and last names and email account as they were submitted to the school in your student's enrollment paperwork.
  • If you are asked to choose the district (app only), there will be a drop-down list.  Please choose Santa Cruz City Schools.
  • Enter the activation key, then create and confirm a password.
  • Click the Submit button

Subsequent Portal Access
After the activation key has been used to create a portal account, it will no longer be valid. Users will subsequently log in to the Illuminate portal using their email address and password.  The portal can also be accessed from the Soquel High website by clicking on the Infinite Campus Parent Portal link on the Home Page.  If you get locked out, please call the main office to be unlocked.