Websites Offering College Information

There are several good websites offering information on choosing a college, taking the college entrance exams, writing essays for college entrance, getting scholarships, and other college material. Here are a few:

  1. This free tool helps match students to the best fit  colleges and major based upon individual goals and needs. There is a wealth of information on colleges, majors, degree types, ranking and scholarships.

  2. offers a quick college search. All you do is select a location and area of study, and you will find all the colleges that include these two criteria. This site also offers excellent information on individual colleges and a detailed financial aid guide.

  3. As its name implies, offers virtual tours and video clips of universities across the nation.

  4. is a good general source of California college planning information. See a side-by-side comparison of more than 200 California colleges and sort them by a variety of factors.

  5. is a brand new site that offers, among other things, interesting articles on such topics as time management, common mistakes in choosing a college, essay editing services, and what to do about a blemished academic record.

  6. offers important dates and deadlines, prep and practice for the SAT, ACT, AP, and other tests, advice from former deans of administration, college expense and scholarship information, and online chats.

  7. is perhaps the most comprehensive source of scholarship information. However, there is a somewhat lengthy process to be able to log in.

  8. helps seniors make the college application process easier. This service takes information from your initial college application and pre-fills all your other applications.

  9.  the website for the company that administers the SAT exam, also has a “college matchmaker” service and provides detailed information on colleges and universities across the nation. In addition, students who take the PSAT in their freshman, sophomore or junior year are immediately able to access detailed college search and career planning information by using the College Board’s QuickStart program. My College QuickStart is a personalized college and career planning kit comprised of four main sections: a score report, an individual SAT study plan, college matches, and major and career matches.

  10. the Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities (AICCU) is the unified statewide voice of California's private, non-profit, WASC accredited colleges and universities for state and federal policy issues. AICCU offers research, consolidated purchasing, and professional development opportunities to member schools and provides information to counselors, students, and parents about private, non-profit education in California.

  11. The Top Accredited Journalism Schools and Degrees -

  12.  The state of California is continually ahead of the curve and striving to provide the best patient-oriented nursing care. When obtaining RN status, California is encouraging students to look further into the future of nursing and the direction in which their career path may take them.

  13. Bachelors Degree Guide for schools offering Bachelors Degrees in Data Science.

  14.  A comprehensive college and career guide for women in STEM. Informs students about critical information regarding their college education and career choices to help set them up for success.