Official Transcripts

Registrar's Office

Transcripts are free for current students to have the Registrar send an official transcript to a college or institution. The transcript request is outside the Registrar's door in the Counseling Office, or you can download one here.  Any donations to defray the cost of mailing the transcripts are GLADLY accepted.

Current students may also obtain free copies of their unofficial transcript by filling out the form located outside the Registrar's office.

Official transcripts can also be requested by sending a check to the school.

Soquel High School Registrar
401 Old San Jose Rd.
Soquel, CA 95073

Former students can receive two transcripts for free; each subsequent request is $5.00. Be sure to include the year of graduation or attendance, date of birth, maiden name or name while attending.

Any questions, contact the Soquel High School Registrar at 429-3909 x 49136.