Soquel High Guidance Program

Organized to reflect the National Standards for Guidance and Counseling

The National Standards for Guidance and Counseling address the domains of academic, personal/social and career counseling. The Counseling Office is currently staffed with an assistant principal, four counselors, a counseling secretary and a registrar. The office provides a wide range of services throughout the year (registration, academic advisement, maintenance of records, testing, etc.). The Course Catalog has much of the information a student will need. The Guidance Program is structured so that each counselor provides guidance information and counseling services to the four grade levels of a student body of about 1,200. Students may wish to meet with their assigned counselor to discuss:
  • academic progress and school adjustment
  • high school four-year plan
  • post-graduation options
  • academic and / or vocational opportunities
  • school policies and procedures
  • alternative educational options
  • test interpretation
  • letters of recommendation
  • personal counseling
  • community agency referrals

In addition to counselor/student/parent/faculty-initiated conferences, the counselors meet on a regular basis with students each year either individually (i.e. senior checks, 8th grade registration, new enrollees) or in small groups (i.e. fall semester planning, spring semester advisement with each grade level and sophomore 4-year planning).

There are a variety of advisement activities at SHS throughout the school year to which parents are encouraged to attend. Among these informative parent meetings are:

  • How to Pay for College.
  • Grade Level Information Night, September/October.
  • Plan Your Future (college/career), early November, hosted by Cabrillo College.
  • Financial Aid Parent Meeting, early February.
  • Open House/New Student, February.
  • Sophomore 4-year Planning Night, March/April.

Guidance Curriculum: The SHS Student Handbook contains pertinent information essential to meaningful high school planning (general information, requirements, programs, course descriptions, etc.). A wide variety of supplemental printed materials are also available to students and parents (i.e. specifics handouts regarding high school and college prep requirements, college prep time lines, calendars, educational alternatives, etc., as well as testing booklets, college applications, scholarships and financial aid information, and other reference material). A brief overview of the guidance curriculum time line follows

  • 8th Grade: Introduction to high school includes a review of the SHS Student Handbook, high school graduation requirements, higher education possibilities (i.e. UC, CSU, community college, vocational, etc.), college prep requirements and the freshmen course selections.
  • 9th Grade: Clarification of graduation requirements, transcripts and high school curriculum emphasizes the topics mentioned above as well as ROP (tech prep), Honors, Advanced Placement, concurrent enrollment and other opportunities.
  • 10th Grade: Development of the four-year plan during sophomore group conference focuses on meeting the necessary requirements given the particular post graduation goal. Specific information and additional reference resources relevant to these plans are made available, including a career interest survey. This information is shared with parents at an evening meeting.
  • 11th Grade: Research and preliminary decisions regarding post graduation plans are critical to the junior year. Students are encouraged to refine their personal time line in preparation for college entrance, the work force, military, etc.
  • 12th Grade: Finalization of the four-year plan includes the application process, campus visitations, college/job interviews, testing requirements, etc. and, of course, June graduation! A Senior Conference is held with each student to complete the senior contract.