Additional Student Support Services

In addition to meeting with your counselor for academic, vocational and personal advisement, there are a variety of other activities throughout the school year, which help students become aware of educational opportunities that enable them to make realistic post-graduation plans.

For example, each fall the assistant principal offers four evening parent meetings for each grade level to discuss grade-appropriate items as well as school-wide topics. Evening meetings are also scheduled on campus for assistance in completing college applications and financial aid forms.

The Career Center, facilitated by the ROP counselor, has information regarding ROP (tech prep classes), college/trade/technical/military possibilities and tutoring. Representatives from colleges conduct small seminars throughout the year regarding admissions and special programs available at each campus. The work experience program includes resume writing, interviewing techniques, application completion, etc. Students are encouraged to use the Internet for self-assessment tools, occupational and educational links, financial aid and much more!

Cabrillo College hosts College / Career Night in November each year for high school students to collect information and meet representatives from more than 70 CSU, UC, private and out-of-state colleges, art and music schools, technical and trade schools, military, etc. Financial aid information is also made available in two evening presentations.

We are fortunate to have resources such as concurrent enrollment opportunities through Adult Education, Cabrillo College and the University of California, Santa Cruz, as well as numerous community mental health agencies (Youth Services, Family Services, Barrios Unidos, etc.) with which we closely work. Referrals to area community agencies, counselors, therapists, etc., are available in the Counseling Office.

Additional support services are provided through a variety of other personnel:


  • School Psychologist (special education testing/placement)
  • Student Study Team (via Assistant Principal)
  • 504 Accommodation Plan (via Assistant Principal)
  • Home & Hospital Teaching (contact District Office)
  • On campus community mental health personnel
  • Student Suport Services Resource Directory from County Office of Education - Click Here