Soquel Music Foundation (SOMU)

SoMu or the Soquel Music Foundation is the fundraising arm of the Soquel Music Foundation. The group is made up of a core group of parents which plans and organizes 3 fundraisers over the course of the school year. The group works with the Capitola Art and Wine festival in September, puts on a Pancake Breakfast in February, and a Calamari Dinner in early May. All parents are welcome to be involved in any of the fund raising events and are considered voting members in all Foundation activities. The Music Foundation meets the third Thursday of the month in the Music Room (401) at 6:30. For more information you may contact Jim Stewart or Zina Urquhart, the music teachers or Parent officer Oscar Woo.

SOMU now has it's own Facebook Page, visit the page at

The Foundation has been raising money in support of music at Soquel for the last 30 years.

  • Yearly the Foundation provides funds to;
  • provide private study scholarship,
  • purchase music,
  • repair instruments,
  • provide classroom substitutes,
  • provide a choral accompanist,
  • purchase instruments,
  • repair uniforms,
  • travel scholarships.
Contact Information
Zina Urquhart Vocal Music  831-429-3909-x142 [email protected]
Jim Stewart Instrumental Music 831- 429-3909 x141 [email protected]
SOMU Leader

  [email protected]