Back-to-School Stress

The beginning of the school year can be both exciting and stressful. Between academic concerns and fitting in socially, the start of the school year can stressful for parents and teens. Here are some useful tips for reducing the stress and turning this school year into a success!


  • Time management is a major issue for many families. Creating a weekly routine that supports the needs of the whole family will decrease everybody’s stress. Keep a central calendar/schedule that everyone can easily access. The refrigerator is often a good place.  
  • Support your student in creating a daily routine that allows for personal time as well as adequate time to complete homework assignments. Exercise, eating well (less fast food and caffeine) and getting enough sleep are positive actions to combat stress. 
  • Check in with your student daily. Find a time that works for your family to spend together talking to your teen about school and social activities. The more you are engaged in your teen’s life the more likely that your teen will be engaged in school.


  • If you are feeling confused or lost in a class, don’t be afraid to talk to your teacher or academic counselor. In some subjects like Math, tutoring services may be available through the school. The sooner you talk with someone and problem solve, the less time you will be holding onto the stress alone. 
  • When it comes to participating in sports or joining a club, it is important to remember that activities may take more time each week then you anticipated. Juggling your time can lead to stress. Talk with someone such as parents, teachers, coaches, or counselors to support you to successfully balance both academics and activities.  
  • Finding and maintaining a group of close friends is stressful for most students at some point during their high school years. Class schedules and extra-curricular activities (such as sports, band and jobs) often distance you from your friends. Don’t be afraid to talk to your parents about what is going on. Often just talking about it makes a big difference. 

If you have any questions, please contact a Youth Services Counselor by visiting the Counseling Department or calling 831.429.3909 ext 130.